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Vicks Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier Review

 If you have been waking up with a sore throat or you are always zapped by static electricity, then it is high time you get some moisture into your room. Doctors have been advising their patients that humidifiers can come in handy when treating sore throats especially those patients who cannot take oral medication. Humidifiers reintroduce humidity into the air. They are a necessity during winter to help in getting rid of dry air that would otherwise cause more damage to the home including your health. Vicks Ultrasonic Cool Mist Humidifier is a good example of a good humidifier. It will provide you with soothing cool invisible moisture and calming environment to help you rid dry air issues.


Variable mist output control

This humidifier has output controls that allow you to determine the much mist you would like to generate. Lower settings are likely to emit less mist and lengthen the run time per tank for the water.

Easy removable tank

The tank can easily be removed to fill with water

Scent pad heater

This provides a soothing comfort for use with Vicks Vapopads in order to create a soothing menthol scent.

Directional mist outlet

With this outlet, you are capable of controlling the direction which you want the most to be concentrated. This increases the comfort of using this humidifier.

Large tank

Having a humidifier with a small tank is often involving since it takes time to clean and maintain it. When the tank has a large opening, it is very easy to clean it and also to maintain it.

Free Protec Demineralization Cartridge

The Protec Demineralization cartridge helps to get rid of white dust and also helps to remove minerals and other impurities from the water.

Ultrasonic technology

This device happens to be using a metal diaphragm that vibrates at a virtually silent ultrasonic frequency to rapidly generate and disperse a fine, even mist for a comfortable room environment.


The humidifier is very quiet. In fact it is practically silent. If you put it on and place it on high speed and next to your bed when you are going to sleep, you may hear the sound of the fan running quietly. The sound that the fan produces is still soothing and may actually help you sleep more.

1.2 Gallon tank of water

The Vicks Ultrasonic Humidifier has a 1.2 gallon tank which can operate continuously for an approximated time of up to 24 hours before the next refill is done.


It has a convenient design and look such that it will not be hard to find a place to place it in your home without having to mess with the décor.

Translucent tank

Thanks to the translucent tank, you can easily monitor how water is been used in the humidifier and even when refilling.


             Easy to fill maintain due to the large tank

             Ultra quiet

             Germ free


             Has a removable tank

             Has a translucent tanks making it easy to monitor

             Has a directional mist outlet for convenience


             The tank does not have a handle

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. This device seems to be wetting the area around the humidifier. Is my device faulty or is this what everyone else experiences?

A. I have been using this device for many years right now but I have never had such a problem before with my unit. I would recommend you take it back if its warranty is still valid.

Q. The output does not seem to change, no matter where I set the knob, it seem to be always on high. Am I missing something?

A. That sounds like a problem that needs addressing. I would recommend you return it to the manufacturer for your warranty.


The Vicks Ultrasonic humidifier quietly produces ultrafine cool clean and healthy mists into your home. This device is also very easy to maintain, to clean and to use. I would recommend it to any one as it is also inexpensive compared to the much it can do.